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Pyrography - LARP Props

Well, you're getting pyrography first, because that's what I have pictures of. This was never just going to be a sewing blog, but if you're not interested in the sweet smell of charred wood, this post is probably not for you.
This is a bit of a work in progress, because I'm short 2 discs and I need to make a case for them, but the case is in draft stage, and 2 more discs won't make a lot of odds in photos.
These are for the LARP system I help run, and also a shot at pyrography practice, as I'm a real novice at it.

The system I go to has a thing whereby if your character wants to go into a major town or city, they have to pay a sort of deposit to be able to carry their weapons around that place, as a guarantee against violence or damage. Or, if they can't afford to (or choose not to pay) they can hand their weapon to the guards.
Either way, they'll be given a token that says who they are, what their weapon is, how much they've paid or whether they've handed it in. Up until now we've used bits of paper, but they were always supposed to be wooden markers. 
You have to pay more if your weapon is magical, because there's a high chance you can a) afford it and b) that any damage caused by a magical weapon will be greater/more deadly. Some items only have a magical version (wands and mage staves) so those costs are set.
You get half of what you paid back on leaving the settlement, assuming that you haven't caused a fight or been caught killing people.
The rectangular ones are for the odd people who carry 8 daggers on them, or have weird weapons that aren't covered by standard categories (we have someone with empowered gloves, and someone who has a set of cooks knives), or who carry poisons (or whatever).
But anyway, enough waffling about game mechanics for a weird LARP system.
What did I actually do? I bought a packet of wooden discs and a pack of wooden plates/rectangles from Hobbycraft, wrote on them very faintly in pencil (because my handwriting is amazingly hit and miss at times) and then did the burny thing.
The first few were done with the very fine nib for my pyrograph iron, which bends if you put too much pressure on it, and is a little too fine for my liking. I did the rest with a slightly wider nib, which suits my writing much better. The only problem I had with the wider nib was when I was doing the rectangle ones, because they're a softer wood and I lost a bit of definition. I did the second of those with the finer nib.
I'm going to do a second set of these, and some spares for really common weapons. They can be written on with a pencil and it will rub out, and I'm going to do a carry case for them that has a space for a pencil (anyone caught using pen on them will have them shoved up their noses).
The guy who runs the system is pleased with them, I think they look pretty snazzy, and they're cheap and easy to replace if they go missing.
I'm pretty pleased how neatly they came out, and I still have a bunch of the rectangular plates left to mess around with doing slightly more artsy things as practice. It turns out I'm more likely to practice something if what I'm doing has a purpose; I've had scraps of wood lying around for ages to use, but because I wasn't doing anything specific with them, I wasn't interested.
I only burnt myself once (although it did blister, and is now cracking and bleeding) and my house smelled lovely from the burnt wood.


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