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This is why I don't blog

I'm lazy. I just started writing a blog post and then realised that I'm going to have to check a couple of books for references. And work out how to reference IG posts without insulting people.

And then realise that I don't think anyone actually cares about my opinions on the gender constructs in quilting...

I'm sewing for gifts and swaps at the moment. And knitting a hat on my lunches.

Wordy post to come when I can find the book I need.

New Year, New Blogging Resolutions?

I really don't know. As you will have realised, I'm shite at this. I only really blog at work, because that's the only time I'm usually at a computer and not being distracted by other stuff, and it can be a pain because it makes photo uploading difficult and I lose my train of thought halfway through a post when I have to go and deal with something.

But, sometimes it's useful to have a place to vent. Or scream about Y-seams *shudder* or why I was consistently using the wrong type of interfacing for about 18 months (just... don't)

I'm starting this year with no money, a massive list of stuff that needs doing to the house, and a lot of makes I want to make. And a job that is making me progressively more and more miserable as the weeks go on.

I'm currently trying to avoid having to make curtains, but I have a massive window/door thing going on in my living room that makes it absolutely freezing. Dad and R have both said they might have stuff I can use, but…