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Finished Object: Sprite's Fen Shawl

Oh boy am I glad this one is done!
For the last year, my knitting nemesis has been the Sprite's Fen shawl, designed as part of the Shawl Society season 2 by Helen Stewart.
It's a beautiful pattern, and I'm sure, in the hands of a knitter who isn't me, would be a swift and pleasant project.

But this is me we're talking about, and I am not good with lace weight yarn!

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Finished Object: Sapphire Dragon

It's that time of the quarter, where I realise that I've not actually blogged half the stuff I've finished, so you get a flurry of short and grumpy posts!

Next up this quarter is the Sapphire Dragon plushie. He's not actually sapphire, but it's a thing. Don't ask!
He was a very belated birthday present for a friend, to go with the cushion cover, and he is very much loved!

This is the Water Dragon, from Choly Knight's Floppy Dragon Plush pattern, and like all their patterns, they're really well written and well designed.

Finished object: Sapphire Cushion

Shall we blog? Probably ought to.
Life is honestly not great at the moment; work is horrendous and my mental health is taking a bashing as a result. As well as the general fall down of looking after myself and my house, it means I'm not crafting as much. Especially not stuff like sewing that means I have to move from the couch to the sewing room, and focus. I'm doing a fair bit of brainless knitting, and that's about it.

But before this all went to shit, I did manage another finish on my QAL list!

Finished object: Carriag mitts

Today at work I am mostly being grumpy and procrastinating by uploading all the patterns I have saved on this computer to my google drive, and blogging.
It's too warm, my boss is doing my head in, and quite frankly I hate everything about this job apart from the bit where occasionally they remember to pay me.

So the first thing to blog is going to be a pair of completely seasonally inappropriate knitted mitts!

When I'm not crafting or working or sleeping, I do a thing called Live Action Roleplay (or LARP, or LRP, depending on who you ask). It's like a combination of Dungeons and Dragons mixed with historical re-enactment, and I've heard it described as cross country pantomime before.
We run around the woods (or fields) dressed up as Elves and Dwarves and humans and fight monsters and do politics and fake!religion and have all sorts of fun.
I have big LARP (Empire) that I help run and is terrifying and huge and is in a field and people pay lots of money for, and I have …

Finish Along Quarter 3 proposed finishes...

So quarter 2 wasn't amazingly productive for me; I finished a couple of bits, but I think I started more than I finished, and even with deadlines of events, I didn't get everything that I needed to done.

Life is tough at the moment, work is grinding me down and the drugs aren't working. It's also too hot to spend a lot of time in the sewing room, and my hands are too sweaty to knit for long periods of time!

I've had a bit of a sort out of the list; some things are being pulled.
The Star Wars zip up pouch is never getting done, the cardigan is on hold until cooler weather, and I'll never wear the Astra cowl, and I've used the yarn set aside for another pair of the mitts for a friend, so that's out the window.

So, onwards...
(not everything has pictures, because I've had a partially fucked phone for the last couple of weeks, so I've not been able to take as many pictures, and having just transferred everything over to a new phone, none of it is in…

Finished Object: Rainbow Porg!

Ohh fuck. I keep meaning to blog this and then failing! It's been done since the beginning of May!

Anyway, on with the Porg!

Finished Object: Starlight Taina

Ahhhh! It's nearly the end of the month and I haven't blogged ANY of my Q2 finishes! And I have managed some!

So, quickly from the archives...

This is a Taina shawl, a nice, free, simple pattern that I have made before.
This time it was made for a co-worker's mother, after he went "ooh, my mum would like that shawl" at my Nudibranch Madness shawl.
After some "I have no idea" confusion, we settled on a pattern, a yarn, and a price, and I scurried off to knit. It had to be finished by May 1st, which, due to life, I was slightly late on (knitting in a field full of mud, especially on a commission piece, is not a good idea, so he had to wait a couple of days)

There's really not a lot to say about this. The pattern is simple and pleasing TV knitting, and the yarn, "Starlight Express" from AllsWoolThatEndsWool was soft and lovely to knit with; it didn't split and the stellina didn't annoy me like it often does!

I ended up with about 15g …