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Finished Object: Starlight Taina

Ahhhh! It's nearly the end of the month and I haven't blogged ANY of my Q2 finishes! And I have managed some!

So, quickly from the archives...

This is a Taina shawl, a nice, free, simple pattern that I have made before.
This time it was made for a co-worker's mother, after he went "ooh, my mum would like that shawl" at my Nudibranch Madness shawl.
After some "I have no idea" confusion, we settled on a pattern, a yarn, and a price, and I scurried off to knit. It had to be finished by May 1st, which, due to life, I was slightly late on (knitting in a field full of mud, especially on a commission piece, is not a good idea, so he had to wait a couple of days)

There's really not a lot to say about this. The pattern is simple and pleasing TV knitting, and the yarn, "Starlight Express" from AllsWoolThatEndsWool was soft and lovely to knit with; it didn't split and the stellina didn't annoy me like it often does!

I ended up with about 15g …

Wednesday Warbles...

I'm terrible at this blogging nonsense! I've got a pile of stuff to blog, but work is getting in the way of me processing photos and stuff.
I do feel that I should probably try and engage a bit more, especially if I'm trying to advertise my shop more!

So, in no particular order, what the fuck have I been up to recently?