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Grumpy Beth

I ordered a couple of fabric samples last week from a well known online fabric retailer. They arrived yesterday, and were vastly different colours to what was shown on the website (taking into account monitor variances, and my suspicions confirmed by another person on yet another monitor).
Needless to say I sent them a rather grumpy email, especially as this wasn't the first time it happened (pale orange fleece on the website turned out to be bright blogger logo orange when the sample turned up).
Annoyingly I had to order fabric because I need it for my CrazyDogLadySewing shirt and that was the only place I could find any fabric that looked even remotely right.
I'm sort of dreading the response (if I get one).

In vaguely related news, that will be the last fabric I buy for the duration of Lent. I'm broke, I have too much stash, and since the LARP season is going to be kicking off soon, I'm going to suddenly lose a lot of free time at weekends.

Polly top

This is a top I've made to actually wear somewhere other than LARP events. At work even.
This is a Polly top from By Hand London. I'm fairly sure I'm the last person in the blog world to make this, but hey. We all have to start somewhere right?

Larp shirt

Over due post time! And two for the price of one!
Day off today. Headaches and nosebleeds = no desire to be in an overheated office. So I'm having a day of trying to shift headaches and finish some stuff up. I have people coming over next weekend so I need to clear some space. So, stuff what I've finished of late.
This is the LARP shirt I've been working on for a while (way too long). It's view D of Simplicity 3519, and I would like to say that I am never making this pattern again (unless, possibly, someone pays me).

Brief interruption in the sewing

To declare my Wurm hat finished!

OMG so snuggly and warm :D

Terrible hallway selfies are the best I can manage at the moment.

Sewing post tomorrow, as the LARP shirt is nominally finished (I plan to hack the sleeves tomorrow) and I'm in the middle of cutting a Polly top (as in, I'm taking a brief brake to make a cup of tea in the middle of laying stuff out)