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Not dead, have some knitting

The last month or so has been a little bit hectic; lots of changes going on at work, and LARP is in full swing. Plus my birthday and various other bits and pieces mean that while I'm sewing plenty, I haven't managed to finish anything since the belt.
I've got a bunch of patterns I want to try, I have a quilt top finished that just needs actually quilting (waiting for the backing fabric to arrive) and I'm in the middle of a super sekrit project that has to be done by the last weekend in August and is currently barely past the cut out stage.

What I have managed to do is finish my Hitchhiker scarf that I started back in April.
This was, as promised by the friend who gifted me the pattern, a simple and satisfying knit. I probably would have finished it ages ago were it not for my goldfish like attention span.

This is 5 and a bit 50g balls of Patons Mirage DK (50/50 cotton viscose mix), knitted on 4mm needles (I think). It's super soft and squishy, and by some miracle I…