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A post of few words...

I'm still reeling at this week. It's sucked. First David Bowie and now Alan Rickman. Words can't express the loss.
Work is driving me into the ground as well; we're just starting to deliver on a project 2 years overdue and it's all going mad. I've not got a lot of words, but I want to try and blog the backlog of christmas presents I made.

This is a Falling Water scarf I made for my step-mum.

Menswear! And yes, I'm wearing it!

I hope everyone had an excellent festive season! I'm a dirty atheist with pagan leanings, so christmas is about spoiling my friends and family and eating too much food, which is basically what I did. New Year was quiet due to everyone else being off doing stuff, but I spent it with a pile of pizza, a pile of books and a pot of tea (I was sadly asleep before midnight due to food allergies, but c'est la vie)

Anyway, you're here for me making stuff, so Christmas present posts! I made most of my gifts this year, and am absolutely not still trying to finish the quilt I started for one friend. It will be a christmas/birthday/house moving gift and all will be well.
But let's start with something small... ties!

I do wear ties occasionally. Once I'd got over the horror of wearing them to school, I used to wear them to the goth club I used to frequent at university, and now I do wear them, very occasionally, at work. It confuses people so I don't do it too often. I'…