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Quilts and pouches and mugrugs oh my!

I'm hoarding posts at the moment. There;s been plenty of making, but I'm not feeling the enthusiasm to write them up.  Plus some of them aren't finished, some of them aren't photographed and some are xmas presents that have to stay hidden.
This post is a mishmash of quilting experiments, all set in motion by me recklessly signing up for the Schnitzelandboo Mini Quilt Swap on instagram. I've barely been quilting 6 months, and I've never done any kind of craft swap, but the opportunity was there so I went for it, and it was a blast. I made myself learn so much, and while I haven't received my package yet, the one I sent out has been gladly received.

So without further ado... stuff I have made in preparation, and to send with my mini-quilt swap.