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That wasn't an intentional hiatus...

But life got a bit weird.

One of the things I was not planning on doing this year was having to find a buy a house in the space of a couple of months. But because I'm me, I fucking managed it, and am now settled in a little 2 bed house that I own 25% of. Because the housing market sucks, I don't earn a massive amount, and this was thrown at me at the start of the period I'd allocated for saving for a deposit, I didn't have a huge deposit, so shared ownership was all I could afford.
Hey ho. It means I'm not renting off my dad anymore, and most importantly, I have my very own craft room. Same table, mostly the same set up, but it's not in the dining room anymore :D

All through this, I have definitely been sewing. If you follow my Instagram, you'll have seen my headlong fumble into foundation paper piecing, and another Simplicity 1347 for Odyssey LARP. I also made a Simplicity S1008 for a one off event. It's not perfect, and needs the zipper fixing, but it…