Thursday, August 18, 2016

That wasn't an intentional hiatus...

But life got a bit weird.

One of the things I was not planning on doing this year was having to find a buy a house in the space of a couple of months. But because I'm me, I fucking managed it, and am now settled in a little 2 bed house that I own 25% of. Because the housing market sucks, I don't earn a massive amount, and this was thrown at me at the start of the period I'd allocated for saving for a deposit, I didn't have a huge deposit, so shared ownership was all I could afford.
Hey ho. It means I'm not renting off my dad anymore, and most importantly, I have my very own craft room. Same table, mostly the same set up, but it's not in the dining room anymore :D

All through this, I have definitely been sewing. If you follow my Instagram, you'll have seen my headlong fumble into foundation paper piecing, and another Simplicity 1347 for Odyssey LARP. I also made a Simplicity S1008 for a one off event. It's not perfect, and needs the zipper fixing, but it looks pretty good and was my first lined bodice (which didn't benefit from me using random bits of fabric)

I took part in the #dashwoodstudiomqs, the #maythe4thmqs and the #startrekcraftswap, all of which were excellent fun. I'm currently signed up to 3 more swaps, and am having a blast.

I also made my bff a laptop case, which is maybe a bit more amateur than I would have liked, but he seems to love it (it has red pandas, as they're one of his favourites)

I've still got a massive quilt to finish quilting and binding that is a very belated xmas/birthday gift, and I really need to start work on this year's gifts.

I also made a bunch of blocks for the #quiltsforpulse drive, which is an amazing thing done for an amazing cause borne out of a horrific situation. One of the things that has always made me feel a bit 'other' in the blogging and quilting community is that I'm not a straight, married christian woman, which really seems to be the dominant force (I know it's not, but a lot of the blogs and IGs I follow are, and there's nowt wrong with that, but it's not me). With the block drive, it's become a lot more apparent that I'm not the only one, and there are a lot of brilliant people who don't fit that stereotype out there, and I suddenly feel a hell of a lot better.

I'm not entirely sure that I'm coming back to blogging properly; instagram suits me a lot better, but there might be the odd post here and there. As I'm in a smaller space now, I need to clear through some of my stash, so I've got plenty of projects planned. I'm also looking to sell a few bits and pieces via etsy in the coming months, so if that goes ahead, I'll be posting up here.

Life is still crazy, there's a lot of LARP going on, there's a lot of house stuff going on, and I'm trying to have a life (dating, that's a thing people do isn't it? and socialising in general?)

So anyway, that was a ramble. I hope anyone reading this is having a good day, and if you're bored, come hit me up on instagram.

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