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Finished Object(s): Sea Monster Swap!

I've not had the photos for this sitting on my computer for about a month, honest. I really hate writing blog posts sometimes, but I've got nothing better to do at work today.

These are the finished bits I made for my #seamonsterswap partner over on instagram. And a needle cosy I made because I had some scraps.

After this there'll be a vague "this is how I made it" post that isn't really a tutorial, but some pictures and some swearing.

Also apparently I didn't take a photo of the back of the miniquilt when it was finished. It wasn't very interesting so you're not really missing out much there.

Portholes, tentacles and seahorses were the aims here, which I think this hits. Nothing massively "sea monster" but definitely deep sea and a bit weird.
I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do, and then had to work out if I had the skills to match!
Thankfully, the issue of Quilt Now that came out around the time I was planning this had a tut…

Finished Object(s): Pincushions!

These were originally on the FAL Q2 list, but unfortunately got done in that weird period between linking up my finishes and linking up the new quarter, so they didn't count for Q2 and they're not on the Q3 list. Hey ho. I don't appear to have photos of all of them either, which is a wee bit irksome. There's another fox with a darker blue background, and a Starfleet symbol on blue.
The pi and the fox patterns are by Stars and Sunshine and are both free patterns on her craftsy store. I love foxes, and I'm a math nerd, so of course I'm going to use them. I might put these up for sale, I'm not sure. They're quilted and stuffed with polyfil, which I'm not too fond of for pincushions, but is at least light, and easy to get hold of.
They're a fun way to use up odd blocks I make here and there, so I suspect there will be more of them in the future.