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2018 Finish Along

Oh god, I have so many projects! And it feels like every time I do one of these lists, it gets longer and more scruffy!

1. Star Wars zip up tray pouch - oh my god I will do this! I swear! I mean I'll probably sell it, but I swear I will!
2. Teal ponte cardigan - it's been moved downstairs so I can actually cut it out.
3. Makers Tote - due to an interfacing issue, this is now a birthday present, but it's currently the project on the go, so it will be done!
4. Pink sparrow Heidi clutch - this is going on etsy, I just need to finish the bloody thing!
5. Hitchhiker take 2 - this is nearly done. It's just been shoved somewhere.
6. Unicorn embroidery pouch - this is pissing me off as the design has rubbed off and I can't easily retrace it. A labour of "oh god I will get this done"
7. Meeple cushions - they will be done! The red one has been stolen by my friend's cat, so I ought to make the rest.
8. Sprite's Fen shawl - this is getting huge and annoying, b…