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Some random things

So I'm currently faffing around at work, waiting for a meeting that might not happen and trying no to go mad with the current project I'm working on (pro tip: don't make the English graduate computerise the electrical drawings. bad things happen)
My pretty fabric for my post xmas present sewing showed up at work on Friday (when I was off doing xmas shopping in MK) so I didn't get it until today. It's so pretty! And I managed some impressive colour matching given I was working on my not very well calibrated work monitor!
This is going to be tucked away until I'm done, so I'm not tempted before I'm done with presents.
I posted the other night about how much I love my seam ripper (there was an issue with squid, which will be covered in a post later when I can get all the photos in the right order, so, when I get home) and someone asked what it was, so I took this to illustrate the point. It sees a fair amount of use, and this weekend especially, what with taking apart the squid and then taking apart the jacket, it's been busy.
The jacket took about an hour and a half to pull apart. The lining is gone, the sleeves have been removed but not stripped down and the interior and collar have been separated from the main body. There's plenty of suede there, thankfully more than I think I'm going to need. 
And this is just some of the very large quantities of red material I have. The stuff at the back (which looks slightly more pink) is the melton I used for the red cloak. Sadly most of the offcuts are in weird shapes, so I'm not sure what I can use it for. The red stuff in front is some horrible red felt which I used for that characters original costume, which is a sort of waistcoat jerkin kind of thing. I might do a post on it at some point, because I was VERY proud of it when I made it (and still am to some degree) but the material is foul and I have so much of it. I need to find a use for at least a metre and a half of manky red felt. 
Anyway, there's a squid post to come, probably this evening, as that got finished and I have hilarifying stories to tell on how I cocked it up really badly. And at some point I shall blog the other xmas present I'm sewing. But maybe not until after xmas. (this is slightly more of a surprise than any of the other presents that I've made have been).
And now I have a meeting apparently :? 


Anonymous said…
What's the random blue-handled item? A tool of some sort?

Beth said…
It's a seam ripper! Sorry, I had uploaded the pictures rather than saving it as a draft and then got held up while I was writing the post
Anonymous said…
Ah, It all makes sense now - thanks. Soon, I think I'll be needing a seam ripper. Have you ever made LARP clothing in leather?

I like the owl patterned material and good luck with computerising your drawings.

Beth said…
Seam rippers are brilliant, but as my hands will currently attest, they can be nasty.

I've done a little bit of leather work, but mostly patching stuff and modifying things rather than working from scratch. I generally leave the heavy duty leather work (armour and the like) to people who know what they're doing (of whom there are many out there catering to the hobby).

I love the owls, I'm just not sure what to do with it right now.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I know just how nasty pointy tools can be.

I was completely taken aback by just how many LARP equipment suppliers there are. LARPing must be an awfully popular past-time to support such a lot of suppliers although some of them may be primarily theatrical costumiers. I looked them up after setting-up my blog (and discovering yours). I did wonder if there was a business opportunity for me but now I do not think so, certainly not in the next year or so. I'll stick to the original plan of manufacturing leather bags for the forseeable future.
Beth said…
It's a fairly popular hobby, with people who are willing to spend a lot of money for high quality kit, which is what you'll find out there.
I also can't think of a single in field supplier who isn't a LARPer, ex-LARPer or possibly a re-enactor.
A few do supply to theatre, but a lot are LARP only, or also do re-enactor costuming and equipment.

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