Saturday, December 06, 2014

Christmas makings...

November was a bit of a fail. Let's just leave it at that.

Work has been pretty horrific of late, and I'm not getting as much crafting done as I'd like and xmas presents have started to become a pressing issue.

The squid suffered some setbacks last weekend, when it became apparent that the long thin tentacles were going to be problematic to stuff. It turns out (so shockingly) that the fleece has a lot more stretch than the quilting cotton, and so as I was trying to stuff one of them, the cotton started splitting.

No matter. I have plenty of fleece, so the long tentacles will just be all fleece. We'll call it a feature? Maybe?
I've spent the afternoon sewing up the shorter tentacles and the fins. They now need stuffing, and then once the long tentacles are done, assembly can commence.

Other than the squid, the main thing I've been working on is the Fibonacci sequence scarf for R. He knows about (he had to ok the colours, and I work on it during gaming sessions). This is the kind of simple thing that I can work on during my lunch breaks, so it's making fairly good progress.
I'm just over halfway through it now.

And then I realised that I hadn't really bothered to find anything for my step-mum. She's really hard to buy for, so I found some really pretty Araucania merino and thought I'd make her some fingerless gloves. Then I thought that she's not actually a fingerless glove kind of person, so maybe a scarf would be better. So I raided ravelry and found a pretty pattern and started work.
I hate lacework. I'm awful at it. This isn't even that fine, but ugh. I'm fairly sure I'm butchering it.
It does look quite nice though.

And that's about it. I've got a pile of cheap calico intended for a couple of dress muslins, and I have LARP kit that I want to start making, and I have a skirt muslin that I should REALLY do something with, but xmas sadly has to come first.

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