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New Year, New Blogging Resolutions?

I really don't know. As you will have realised, I'm shite at this. I only really blog at work, because that's the only time I'm usually at a computer and not being distracted by other stuff, and it can be a pain because it makes photo uploading difficult and I lose my train of thought halfway through a post when I have to go and deal with something.

But, sometimes it's useful to have a place to vent. Or scream about Y-seams *shudder* or why I was consistently using the wrong type of interfacing for about 18 months (just... don't)

I'm starting this year with no money, a massive list of stuff that needs doing to the house, and a lot of makes I want to make. And a job that is making me progressively more and more miserable as the weeks go on.

I'm currently trying to avoid having to make curtains, but I have a massive window/door thing going on in my living room that makes it absolutely freezing. Dad and R have both said they might have stuff I can use, but it's seeing if it's the right height, and getting a curtain rail, and ugh.

I have a stash to work through this year. 'retail therapy' last year ended me up with a lot of quilting fabric, and a lot of random stuff that I now don't have space for. I also could do with using up some of the fabric I bought for clothing, but that leads to the other issue right now...

I need to lose weight. 2016 was a battle between me and the medical profession of "I need to lose weight, nothing I'm doing is working, help" being met by "you're overweight, stop eating junk food and exercise more" (and on one memorable occasion, "exercise won't help, just stop eating all the junk food"... I have takeaway once a fortnight, if that)
There was brief hope when one GP actually was willing to send me for scans to see if I had PCOS (after all blood tests came back normal after ANOTHER complaint of exhaustion and weight gain), where I saw an amazingly dismissive consultant who took one look at me and said "you need to lose weight", scanned me, said "oh yes, there are some cysts, but it's not PCOS, you're just fat, how about we double your dose of contraceptive because that works for 45 year old women presenting with (some of) your symptoms, also, are you absolutely sure you don't want children?" to which I've heard nothing from my GP, or received a copy of the letter from the consultant regarding the results, which I was supposed to get.
So anyway, the point of that rant is that I need to lose weight, so I don't want to sew clothes because a) I'm a lump with awkward measurements and b) when I lose weight I'll either have to do a ton of adjustments or scrap everything I made. Ugh.

And that entire paragraph is why I hate blogging, because I now hate everything about myself even more.

We'll see. Hour to go until lunchbreak, and I can't go for a walk as it's pissing it down with rain. I'll get on with my knitting instead.


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