Monday, March 02, 2015


I may have failed on that "not buying fabric" thing.
I popped into Hobbycraft yesterday to get some chalk for marking up some dark blue fabric, and then 3 bundles of super cute fat quarters fell into my hands. I'm blaming my friend for at least one of them, as he pointed it out to me.
I seem to be accumulating owl and fox fabric like it's going out of fashion (it may well be), but since I'm adamant I'm not going to start quilting, there's a limit to what I can do with it. Pocket linings, bags, that sort of thing, that's about it.
In regards to the fabric woes of the other week, I ended up buying 2 metres of 2 shades of grey, and ended up using the one that I'd bought the sample of. It isn't quite the right shade, but it's close enough, and now I desperately need to get sewing.
They're response to my complaint was basically "we can't take natural light photos because we're in a warehouse and so we have to use very bright flashes/lighting, and sometimes things look different on different screens" which was a bit shoddy really.
I currently have a squid and 2 Polly tops cut and pinned, and the pattern for an Alder skirt cut out with the fabric ready to go. Unfortunately my sewing machine had to be put away last weekend, and I've been busy most of this weekend just gone trying to clear the house after it was full of LARPers, and off out doing stuff. This weekend coming may be an anti-social sewing weekend.

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