Sunday, March 08, 2015

Crazy Dog Lady Polly

There's a certain amount of irony in the title, as Polly was the name of my gran's dog hating cat. But only a small amount.
I am a crazy dog lady, or I would be if I had the time to have a dog. I grew up with dogs, my birth was announced in the local paper as "a chum for Holly", and Holly licked chocolate pudding off my face and tolerated me trying to ride her round the house when I was very small. Then came Roxy, who wasn't my dad's dog (despite my dad being his favourite) who we weren't supposed to get, who peed in everyone's shoes and who had us (me) chasing over walls at 2am because he'd spotted a cat. Roxy who when my dad got re-married and moved out, went with him (I got the house).
Sadly both are now long dead, and while I miss them massively, I know I'm out of the house far too much to responsibly have a dog. That doesn't stop me fussing every dog I meet up the woods (that lets me) and doesn't stop me searching out novelty dog fabric when the #crazydogladysewing challenge was announced. (I didn't have any pinned on pinterest, honestly).

This is the first of hopefully two projects, but I'm not convinced I'm going to get the second one done, as I have a shedload of proofing and planning to do for the upcoming LARP season, and I really need to finish squid #3 (which is pissing me off at the moment).


There's not really a lot to say about this make. Same pattern sizing as the previous Polly I made, with some accidental bust darts thanks to me sucking at the ease around the curve of the front panel. Thankfully they're about in the same place on each side, and thankfully they seem to have stopped the slight arm hole gaping that the previous make had. I am more and more convinced that I need to take a little bit out of the width; the shoulders are falling off my shoulders if I'm not careful. 

The uber cute scottie fabric is from Simply Solids, and was a remnant that I snapped up while perusing the internet at work just after the challenge was announced. The grey cotton is from Minerva, and is the source of the fabric woe irritations from the last couple of posts.  

The other thing I'm aiming to make is an Alder skirt using this print for the pocket panels. The pattern is cut, I just need to cut the fabric, and I'm hoping I've cut the right size (working from measurements and a couple of comments that it comes out fairly roomy, I've gone for an 18. We shall see).

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Carlee McTavish said...

Really hoping you get the skirt done too. That print is too cute! Polly top looks great though :)