Monday, January 05, 2015

Xmas present 4 - the fibonacci scarf

 This is the last of the presents I made this year. I did start another scarf for my step-mum, but that ended up being too much work and I ripped it out.
Anyway, this is a 2 meter knitted scarf, which on Ravelry is known as the Pathfinder Fibonacci. Pathfinder, because the colours are as close to the ones we use for the LARP group as I could find, and Fibonacci because that's the pattern the rows are laid out in.

According to my ravelry account, I cast this on back in August, and I do have vague memories of sitting knitting during a day of tabletop gaming in the summer, so I must assume that's right. I know it got really boring for a while, because it is just plain garter stitch.
One ball of yarn worked out at about 55 rows (I know this because the first block is 55 rows, and I just had enough to do that), but after that the colours change every few rows.

As the pale green decreased, the dark green increased according to the Fibonacci sequence, which I thought everyone learned about in school, but judging by the number of people I've had to explain to, I'm beginning to think it was just my shitty school.
This was it at about the halfway point, somewhere around the beginning of December.

At this point I'd finished the knitting, and was just blanket stitching the ends together. To my shame I didn't actually finish it until New Year's Eve, but the recipient was understanding, and very pleased that it's long enough to go round his neck and hang down a reasonable amount (he's tall; most scarves are very short on him).

I had to turn the whole thing inside out in order to weave all the ends in, which was a challenge, and there are a couple of bits where I've switched colours and there are small gaps in it which I couldn't seal up as I was neatening it.

This comes in, according to Ravelry, at 996m of yarn from 9 balls. It's knitted in Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, and was knitted in the round on 4mm needles. It measures about 1.8m and is really squidgy and heavy.

I'd say I'm never doing one of these again, but I quite fancy my own, and I'm tempted to do one using Prime numbers.
(one of my nasty secrets is that I'm actually a maths geek, I just wasn't good enough at a-level to get anywhere with it)

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