Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ooh, stuff

It's been a month, can we all agree on that? January and February are historically awful months for me and mine, so I'm generally a fan of them passing as fast as possible. January did well on that count, although it's been a drag at work.
In response to this, I did what any sane person would do; I spent money.
Firstly, I replaced the decrepit old printer that I got free with my laptop (that has since vanished into whatever ether old laptops go to) when I went to university. Which, as was so kindly pointed out last night, was 10 years ago this coming October. 
I haven't set the new one up (I'm trying to work out where to put it) but it does now mean I have no excuse for not printing patterns, and it means that when I do print patterns, I don't have to do it sneaky like at work.  

Then I bought fabric. (disclaimer: not all of this fabric was bought this month, but there are 3m of gorgeous soft ponte that's sitting in a bag rather than being in this photo that I bought last week).
What you might gather from this is that I love superheroines. I do. Batgirl and Spoiler are probably my two favourites, ever, but you can't buy Cass Cain and Steph Brown fabric, so I make do. I'm also a fan of Black Canary and Power Girl, and a bunch of Marvel heroines for whom you cannot buy fabric).
I shall spare you the treatise on why Barbara Gordon is the best Batgirl, and why Oracle is who I want to be when I grow up.  
ANYWAY. I have a fat quarter of Barbara Gordon Batgirl fabric and some cotton to match it as lining which is going to be a wallet (there's an awesome bat symbol zip tag on the pile there as well). The mushroom fabric I've had for a while, and the cotton came some point in the middle of the month. That's going to be a skirt.
The fox fabric I bought at some point last year, and along with the denim and the cotton that annoyingly matches the superhero fabric better than it does the foxes, will be a messenger bag.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the Wonder Woman/Supergirl/Batgirl fabric, but there's 2 meters of it, and it's likely to end up as a bag (no, I don't have a lot of bags, honestly).
The dog fabric and associated cotton are for the Crazy Dog Lady challenge, and will be a skirt. I have some other doggy fabric coming that will be a top.

There's also a squid in a tub (I shoved the fabric in a tub to keep it out the way) and a half finished LARP shirt. But I have no plans this weekend (they fell through) apart from vaguely entertaining a friend for this afternoon, and that gives me plenty of time to set up the printer, print things, and sew.


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