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Here comes the next contender...

 More projects are in the works. I am however suffering from a severe case of winter blues, coupled with LARP starting to pick up again for the year (pre-season planning and stuff) and a general loathing of my job that's infecting pretty much everything I do.
But enough of the blah. I spent the weekend trying to sort my house out, mostly so that I had enough flat surface to get some cutting done.
Saturday I cut the pieces for a LARP shirt. It's a Simplicity 3519 in view D, which I know is going to be massive on the sleeves and probably too small on the chest. It's cut in a size XL (to accommodate chest) and the sleeves are only half the size of the back and front (and they're huge). I used about 3 metres of calico for this, which is a pain as that's most of my toile fabric gone in one shot. Oh well. Even if it is huge, I can pass it off onto someone else, or I can modify it to actually fit me. LARP shirts that fit me are a rarity, so making my own is basically my only choice (LARP shirts fall into "wench tops for women" which I'm rarely interested in or "pirate/poet shirts for men" and if I'm lucky I can find a mens shirt that will fit without drowning me in sleeves)
Then sunday evening I cut the third squid out. This is the commission job and probably won't be blogged here apart from the finished article when it's been delivered. The fleece, as ever, is squishy and awesome (from Calico Laine) and I'm getting the hang of fitting the pattern cutting layout down so I don't waste fabric. 
And that's the pile of stuff waiting to be sewn up. The shirt will be first as I need to empty off a bobbin for the red thread for the squid. 
And that was the state of my hand after I'd finished drawing out the squid on fleece. The pen (allegedly a fabric marker) went everywhere. Thankfully it washed off easily enough. 
I have about 4 repeats of the Wurm pattern to go on my hat (but no current photos) and then that will be done. That's probably 2 evenings of watching trashy TV knitting. Sadly Monday evening was consumed by a migraine and Tuesday evening was spent catching up on the washing up and LARP related stuff that should have been done on Monday. 


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