Saturday, January 10, 2015

New squid in the works...

Someone has just agreed to pay me, nay, asked to pay me, for a squid!
Colours and price have been agreed, now to order fabric and get going. I'm also considering making one in 'realistic' colours.
I'm also trying not to pad the fabric orders just so I can get free shipping, unless it's stuff I actually need.

I've got a Wurm on my knitting needles at the moment, a bag full of knitting needles that need sorting into sizes, and this weekend, along with trying to clean my kitchen after 2 evenings of manic baking this week, I'm hoping to finish the skirt muslin, work out what size it NEEDS to be (rather than what it currently is) and cut an actual skirt. I found some fabric that I think was supposed to be a draft excluder many years ago, but which is actually really nice cotton, and it would make a really cool skirt (that hopefully doesn't need a lining).

This is just the front piece. While I am somewhat large in the hip department, this goes all the way round my waist on its own.

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