Monday, July 17, 2017

Finished Object - Kylo Bean(ie)

Hi, my name's Beth and I have a very slightly ridiculous crush on Adam Driver. That's mostly irrelevant, because despite this yarn being called 'kylo ren' it is about as kylo ren-ish as a pumpkin.
Mostly, it's pink. I mean it's black and pink, but that is very definitely pink, and not red.

Who cares? Not me. Black and pink is an excellent combo, and it means when I turn up to the next fandom meet up I bother to show my face at, I'll have a silly hat.

I'm not actually sure how many of my hats I've blogged, but I have a lot. Not quite as many as I have shawls, but I am a fan of hats. They hide my hair and keep my ears warm.

This is a Favourite Knit Slouchy from Ravelry, which I'm going to be honest, isn't really a favourite. It's not a bad pattern, but it's a wee bit dull. Part of my displeasure at knitting this might have come from the yarn, but I'm not entirely sure.

The yarn is from GamerCrafting on Etsy, and it is nice. It's 100% cotton, which I've never knit with before. It arrived quickly, caked well, I had no problems with splitting or anything like that, and it's a gorgeous dye job. It always felt very slightly like it was leaving residue on my hands, but I'm chalking that up to it being cotton.

So, there's a hat, and the first of my Quarter 2 FAL pieces finished. Woo! I'm not sure if I'll knit this again, I'm more likely to go back to the Wurm pattern, which results in a slouchier hat, but this pattern isn't bad for slightly heavier weigh yarn.
I suspect some of the problem comes from me having too tight tension, and knitting on the smallest needles I could get away with (they were all I could find at the time)
On the whole, easy, brainless knitting that resulted in a decent beanie that will definitely get worn.

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