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Finish Along Quarter 3

Quarter 2 turned into a bit of a fail. I made progress on stuff, but I got caught up in new projects that weren't on the list, and let things slip.
I also let my sewing room fall into a hideous state of chaos that I'm now (with the help of finally having more storage space) trying to fix. The sewing machine is away until there is permanent floor and surface space.

I'm going to add photos later, because everything is in boxes, and I'm writing this at work while I try to convince my body to stop trying to kill me.
LARP season is quiet this year, which is kind of nice, if a little disconcerting. I'm used to being all panicked about running a main event in a week or so, but we've got barely any players this year so we're not.
And I've only got Empire as a system I go to, and while I do need to think about costume for that, that's not that important (I rarely get onto the field to play)

1. Star Wars Zip up tray
I was going to make this last quarter as an extra for a swap, but then decided to do something else instead. The fabric is cut though, so this will get made at some point. And this time round I might actually get the measurements right!

2. Teal ponte cardigan - this is still languishing from Quarter 2
Oh my god, garment sewing! I haven't done any of this since I made a dress for LARP last year! I've had this pattern cut for months, I have all the bits I need, I'm just terrified of sewing it. I've never sewn with a knit fabric before, and even though this is really stable ponte, I'm terrified.
Pattern is the Heidi hoody from Style Arc, which is so perfect; it has deep pockets AND a hood! What more could a girl ask for.
Ponte is a gorgeous dark teal I got from Plush Addict ages ago, which has not photographed well at all.

3. Makers Tote - also still languishing from Quarter 2
I've been umming and ahhing over what to do with this bat FPP block I made for a while, and after pondering a needle case for knitting needles, I think it would make a better Makers Tote.
I have everything I need (apart from possibly a zip in the right colour, and I might be short some interfacing) and I love the pattern.
Again, it's just a slight fear of fucking it up...

4. Kitty Sampler Quilt - still languishing from Quarter 2, but I have added a couple more block!
I know I'm not going to finish this this quarter, but I'd at least like to make a dent in it. I started making the blocks as preparation for teaching a friend the basics of quilting, and kind of kept on going. The pattern is for 25 blocks, but as I already have a couple of duplicates, I'm going for 36. Assuming I have enough fabric, as most of it is now out of print, or at least a pain in the arse to get hold of.

5. Pink sparrow Heidi clutch - still languishing, but I've got some new leather, so this is a guaranteed finish if I can get my arse in gear!
This has been sitting, cut and interfaced, for WAY TOO LONG. The only thing I need to do is find a new second hand jacket to cut up, as the leather I was going to use as the accents is a bit grim (I think it was once LARP armour and it smells a bit)
This is seriously a case of just needing to sit down and sew. I can make these in an evening quite easily.

6. Hitchhiker take 2 - I got distracted by OTHER KNITTING, although I am now on 22 points, and it's getting too big to finish a repeat in my lunch break.
This has been on pause while I work on my March Madness knit along, but I love this pattern and this yarn too much, so once the KAL is done, I'll be back on with this.

7. Unicorn dice pouch - languishing, but I need to re-draw the image, as it's faded too much.
I started the embroidery for this back in November, I just got distracted, and I have to be in a very specific mood for embroidery. That said, my current dice pouch is dying, so I should probably get a move on.

8. Red Panda quilt - he's not moving, but this is sitting around, still.
This is another one I don't expect to finish. My best friend is hitting a landmark birthday this year, and is also possibly moving quite a long way away. Plus he loves red pandas and is always cold. This is going to be a super simple economy block quilt, so I'm hoping I can stretch out the fabric I have to be big enough, because again, this stuff is getting hard to find over here.

9. Death star cushion cover - still languishing
I've had this sitting around since last year, when I made two blocks for the may the 4th swap, but only needed one. I'm gonna turn it into a cushion cover so I can throw a Death Star at people when they annoy me.

10. HST cushion cover - still languishing
These are the leftover half square triangles from the Quilts for Pulse blocks I made last year, and I've been saying I'm going to quilt them into a cushion cover for ages. I got as far as piecing them together, and then got distracted (seeing a pattern here?)

11. Wall hanging quilt - I have a proper plan with measurements, but that's about it...
This wasn't on the list, but is something I've been working on the design for for a couple of weeks now. Back at my old house, mum had painted a design on the wall, that for whatever reason, I really miss. The wall is now bare and re-painted, but I took some photos and have, I think, worked out the design, and bought a bunch of fabric. This isn't a high priority, but I would like to get it done at some point this year.

12. Meeple cushions - one of these is now half sewn...
I've finished one of these, but the rest of the set have been languishing, and they're taking up space (and the recipient would, I suspect, like the rest of them)

13. Sprite's Fen shawl
Pattern 2 of The Shawl Society, I'm knitting this is lace and taking the slow road with it, enjoying it rather than rushing to get it done (although it is a very addictive pattern)

14. Kylo hat
This is a basic beanie that I have a nasty feeling isn't going to fit me, knitted in yarn that was sold on ebay as being a "kylo ren" colourway. It's pink. I mean that makes it hilarious for fandom reasons, but it's still pink and black. Brainless knitting that lives in my bedroom.

15. Shawl Society 3
I have the yarn and the pattern is released on Thursday. Slightly heavier yarn, so I'm hoping a slightly faster knit.

16. Starting Point shawl
I bought the pattern, cast on for the MKAL and then decided I couldn't work on 2 mega shawls at the same time, and that I didn't like the yarn combo, so I frogged and picked new yarn, which I will start up with again.

That's everything that is currently a cohesive project. I've got a couple of clothing patterns I want to try; simple ones that shouldn't take more than an evening, and I've signed up for a "little things" swap which is about making a few little pouches and useful things for your partner, but I've not had the info for that yet. There are also 3 more Shawl Society patterns, and I'm still trying to work out what exactly I want to make for Empire costume.

I'm also doing the #1millionsteps challenge for Diabetes UK, which is eating a lot of time, so I'm probably grossly overestimating my ability to finish anything.


That cardigan sounds amazing, the bat is very cool and the deathstar cushion throwing made me laugh! Good luck with your finishes! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

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