Sunday, October 12, 2014


I keep calling this "the fing" on facebook. It's a cloak as detailed as Sewing 2 in this post. It's technically done now. I have some cosmetic things I want to do to it (to hide a seam I botched up) and it needs a third button.
I'm also going to make a hood to go with it, but my bobbin has emptied (halfway through sewing a buttonhole) and I need to reload it with a different colour so I can get on with Sewing 3 (the red version of this) and quite frankly it's annoying me. I've been having tension issues with the sewing machine as well.

Anyway, a couple of pics...
 On a hanger so I could get a vaguely decent shot. I sewed the right hand triangle on the wrong way, so the seam is on the outside, but I'm going to cover it with some more cloth to make it look like it's a rip that's been repaired.
It could kind of do with some decent edging, but it's supposed to be a scruffy cloak and I'm lazy.
The buttons are silver, but the light in my house is weird.
It's made up of some kind of hideous heavy green pseudo-canvas for the back section and collar, some black poly-cotton I have no idea what which stretches and drapes really well, that I found in a box of stuff my ex left at mine (that I assume he wanted making into stuff, but the rule is if you leave it at mine and don't tell me what it's for, remind me or reclaim it, it becomes mine) and some nasty navy god knows what that drape weirdly and hates everything that I made a much older cape thing with many years ago when I was first starting to LARP (I think it might have been the first bit of kit I ever made)

And my stupid face wearing it. The collar is a bit high, and it needs a third button below the collar to hold it together how I want it, but the up side is that it isn't triggering my "oh god someone is touching my neck kill it with fire" reaction, so I'm pretty pleased.

Now to wind red onto the bobbin, defluff the bobbin casing and pin the red version of this. Tomorrow. After work.

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