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Finished Object - May the 4th Mini Quilt Swap

This is one of those projects that I don't have a huge amount to say about, because it was a pretty simple make, but it was one of those ones where I had zero enthusiasm to actually work on it, probably because it was simple.

This was made for my swap partner's son, and I was told he liked Chewbacca, the Light Side and Stormtroopers. All the patterns she posted in her mosaic were from Quiet Play, and she didn't give a lot of info about fabric or anything else really, so I was working pretty blind.

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out though, and it seemed to be fairly well received, which is always nice to know.

(here modeled by R, who made the fatal mistake of being at my house when I needed to take some photos)

I love Quiet Play's patterns. They're well written, friendly to beginners, easy to scale and a joy to sew up.

I didn't embroider details onto Chewbacca, mostly because I hate embroidery, but also because all the versions I've seen with embroidery look a bit creepy to me.

The Rebel logo comes from her large Millennium Falcon pattern, and the Falcon comes from her set of mini patterns.
I played with a bunch of layouts, and did briefly consider some machine embroidery text for the negative space, but in the end I was a) lazy and b) unconvinced, and went with the tall thin layout and some fairly heavy 'free motion' quilting, that was done with my normal foot.

The figures are all sewn in Kona solids (the greys were scraps from previous projects, the browns and reds were bought specially, and I have loads left, especially as I bought 3 shades of red as I wasn't sure which would match best). The background is Cotton & Steel's Sprinkle in navy, which is gorgeous, and apparently a popular choice in the swap for starry backgrounds!

The backing is from the Force Awakens fabric line, and again, I've now got a load left. I suspect there will be pouches and stuff made from it soon. The binding is the same red as the Rebel logo, and I've discovered a new binding tutorial which is about a thousand times better, especially for mini-quilts, than the method I was using previously.

I threw in a bunch of teas, hot chocolate sachets and Freddos, as well as a Lego Chewie keyring torch, a weird egg thing that had a mystery Star Wars figure and a couple of window decals (that match the ones I have in my beat up car).

I also made a pin cushion and clip holder for my partner, using more grey scraps and some Moda Lustre, which I adore. The back and 'wings' were scraps left from last year's Star Wars swap!

I'm still not sure about pin cushion fillings. This one has polyfil/toy stuffing in, which plenty of people have assured me is fine, but it feels too light for me.

I got an amazing mini in return, and you should all check out the maythe4thmqs2 tag on instagram, because there are some seriously amazing mini quilts in there!


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