Sunday, April 16, 2017

Finished Object - Nudibranch Madness

There is no nudity in this post! Just sea slug awesomeness :D

My first finish for the second quarter of the 2017 Finish-A-Long is my Nudibranch March Mini Madness shawl.

Found here on Ravelry, this was an excellently quick and brainless knit, which I've managed to make obscenely colourful thanks to Mothy and the Squid's excellent nudibranch colourways. I'm trying to make an effort to have a bit more colour in my outfits, and this will brighten up anything I wear!

It has a slight curvature where I bodged the tension adding the second mini skein of yarn, which I also added too early, but otherwise, a pleasing, lazy knit for lunchbreaks and evenings watching TV.
I've been knitting a lot more recently; my sewing room is a mess and getting home in the evenings I just want to flake in front of trashy tv and not think too hard, rather than work around the piles of stuff lying around upstairs.

I've spent a chunk of this bank holiday weekend trying to tidy up, with varying success.

Colourways are (from the cast on tip) - Glaucus Atlanticus, Chromodoris Lochi, Blue Raspberry (not a nudibranch, obviously), Flabellina Iodenea, Phyllidiella Pustulosa and Okenia Rosacea. All 20g miniskiens.

I ended up using only about half of the final pink mini, and have started making a pompom with it and the other leftovers. I'll add to it with whatever other leftovers I get in the next few months, to make it truly terrifying!

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