Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Simplicity 1347 toile

So, costuming. LARP. That thing I do.
I've been fiddling with kit for a couple of weeks, modding a dress into an over-dress kind of thing, and working up the courage to start new kit for Odyssey (which, at under 2 weeks to go, is becoming a priority).
It's an ancient worlds LARP, which is awesomely fun, and I play in Greek nation. Sadly, the weather is rarely very Mediterranean, and cloaks are a necessity. I have those sorted.
When I started playing, I was playing a combat character, and was bombing around in kit that looked like this...
 only with armour. Kit that was thrown together out of some scruffy blue fabric I found on the market a day before the event. I love that chiton; it's gorgeous soft chambray and I'm stupidly proud of it. It fits weirdly, tends to show my bra straps, and I have to wear shorts under it for modesty, and it now permanently smells of camp fire smoke, but whatever. Add that shawl (which has a hood, made by the excellent Caroline at Craeftigan) and some cheapo Primark sandals and we're all set.

Anyway, after a couple of events, our group was lacking for a priest, so I switched class. A lot of the time I stay with the short chiton because it fits the character; she's no frills, gobby and not too fond of being the centre of attention. But occasionally a priestess needs to look the part, and I was convinced to buy this dress (also from Craeftigan, when they were Warrior's Wardrobe)...
 (ignore the dude in the sack, it's his thing) (I have no idea who took this pic)
It's a great dress. But it requires some really good underwiring to go with it. I am not small chested, and occasionally it can get a bit risque. There was also the fact that I ended up with one sun-burned boob last year because of the way I was wearing my shawl and cloak.
It's also the wrong colour for my group; we should be in blues.
(dress also gets used for my local system, where it's a more Roman setting, and it works just as well)

So, all told, it's time for new kit. Ok, so there are only 3 events left to go, but I want new kit (I am also expecting character death this event).
So, several metres of linen and Simplicity 1347 (view B) and a vague plan for altering it. But, as previously mentioned, I am on the busty side of things, so first, a calico toile to check how this was going to work.
I cut a 14 which seemed to match bust and hip measurements on the finished measurements scale, and just cut the bodice parts and the first few inches of the skirts.
This is what I ended up with.
In the grand scheme of things, it's not actually a bad fit. The shoulders and neck are comfortable and look right for what I want, the problem is that the waistline is somewhere around my nipples. This is not a good look.
Annoyingly, this dress doesn't have bust darts, and because of the style I'm aiming for, I don't really want to add any. So, my plan is to add an inch to the bodice, and then move a bit of length from the skirt piece up to the bodice to lengthen it, while not adding too much to the overall length.

And these are my fabrics. 4 metres (I think) of Sky blue linen from Calico Laine, which is slightly brighter than I remember it being, and slightly brighter than I really wanted. I could probably find more, but at this point I'm not entirely sure I care.

And 3 metres of dark lilac linen from Herts Fabric (I think) bought at a re-enactment market last year, which annoyingly has a massive hole in the last metre. They told me about it, and then didn't actually discount it or anything (extra annoying as I'd only asked for 2 metres, but the guy wasn't paying attention properly)

Both sets of linen are currently in the pre-wash, and there are pattern pieces all over my floor as I modify them.

Hopefully by the weekend I'll have something resembling a partially made dress.

Oh, and I also have to write an adventure for this weekend.
Balls. And go to work.

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