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Alder skirt take 2: Mushrooms!

Just ignore me for the most part, I'm tired, irritated with work and trying to sort stuff out for another long weekend in a field.
I'm also broke and payday isn't for another week :(

Anyway, I made another skirt! Did I mention I love this pattern? I do. It's awesome, has pockets and hits my knee just where it should.
One day I might even make a version that isn't made in a novelty quilting cotton.
On the other hand, who doesn't want a skirt covered in tasty tasty fungi?
I haven't really got HUGE amounts to say about this.
It's made from Kona Spice (from Plush Addict) and Lewis & Irene "Fox and Friends Cream Mushroom" (I think from New Forest Fabrics, but I bought it ages ago so could be wrong).
I fell in lust with the fabric months ago, and was waiting to find the perfect pattern. Thankfully, the Alder wandered across my eyeline.

Action shot pre-hemming. Somehow I managed to rock the pattern placement for that pocket (the other one isn't as good)

Pockets are a necessity in my life, I'm unlikely to make the uber-pocket version of this skirt as I suspect it would accentuate my hips a bit TOO much, but the normal ones are plenty big enough to fit stuff.

I had intended to make the version without the pleat, as the previous one sat a bit weirdly, but due to some hijinks in lining stuff up, I was on course to end up with a wonky waistband, so I shoved a tiny pleat in as I was sewing. It's not wonderfully neat, but it isn't massively visible either, so I'm not going to cry lots.

I still hate elastic insertion. I also think I should probably cut a smaller waistband, as I end up using far less elastic than the pattern suggests for the size I've cut.

So, awesome skirt, I just need some tops to wear with it now, as not a lot that I have really goes (most of my tops are black or horribly vibrant colours that do not match. I suspect that should be something I look into soon.

Next up is a quick test of the SBCC Tonic Tee pattern using some cheap and nasty jersey. I also have some amazingly cheap remnant jersey from the market that I think I shall use to make a Moneta toile.
And I need to get on with dress making for Odyssey, which is in about a month. I have a couple of patterns I want to try, but the Curvy Sewing Collective post on maxi dresses highlighted a couple of others that could be modified pretty well to work.
I also need to pre-wash all the fabric. Ugh. When I get back from Empire...

(I also slipped and purchased Coletterie's Aster pattern this morning, as it's basically the button down I've been dreaming of, so that will get printed and cut at some point soon (hopefully))


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