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This is a blog post of laziness and bad photos

For which I do apologise. You know how sometimes life just gets in the way? Yeah, it's been that sort of month. Lots of stuff, lots of dipping in and out of projects, lots of not enough sleep. Actually, that's a given during LARP season.

Behind the cut; a Polly top, some quilting blocks and some waffle. Not actual waffles, sadly. I don't have any.

Anyway, AGES ago, I started making a third Polly top. I did something weird to the back and ended up taking about an inch out of the back. In some ways, this has helped the fit; it no longer gapes quite so much, but because it was an error that I was correcting, it all came from one side, and so one arm hole is wonky.
I then had to put the sewing machine away for a while, and didn't bother finishing the second arm hole or the hem until the weekend just gone.
But it's done now. The fit still needs a bit of tweaking, but it's pretty much there, and now I have a pretty summery Polly.
The fabric is some lightweight poly-cotton from Minerva that cost about £3 a metre at the start of the year. It's not great, and I had some hilarity doing the basting seam for the hem because my sewing machine HATE sewing through thin fabric. Tension woes all over the place I tell you. But it seems to be ok now.

 This is the minimal boob selfie. They get everywhere (there was a bra fitting expedition of woe a couple of weeks ago; I have still not entirely recovered. Nor has my wallet)

The weirdass seam I ended up with down the back. It's fairly innocuous unless you're looking for it (or highlighting it with the flash).

What else is going on? Knitting. There's always knitting. Lunchtimes are knitting times (although this week they've been reading times. The Woodcutter by Kate Danley. I think I'm enjoying it; a little rushed, a little pretentious, but entertaining enough, and it has the Wild Hunt in. That will sell me on most things).

I dragged out the three knitting projects the other day to prove that I have a theme. An issue, possibly even.
I only seem to knit in shades of blue and green. Granted, I made a mauve cowl and a red cowl last year, but that's it. Everything at the moment is blue or green (or both).
The green shawl is on hold as it's a faff to work on anywhere but home. The Hitchhiker is my current travel project because it's easy. And the scarf is for my step-mum; originally it was for her birthday, but I screwed it up, got annoyed with it and shoved it back in the cupboard. When I pulled it out the other day I found that I hadn't actually screwed it up too noticeably, so I'm not going to frog it.

In a moment of madness (spawned by a moment of madness many months ago), I bought Simplicity 1292. This is a kids pattern for novelty hats, and I bought it for the unicorn hat pattern.

 There is a logic here. A couple of years ago our gaming group was playing a Werewolf campaign. In theory, Werewolf is a grim dark game of eco-terrorism and fighting the unending fight. But we're weird, and our GM was running it set in MK, and our group was more than a little weird. Needless to say my were-coyote ended up with a unicorn hat, because why the hell not?
And then I found a unicorn hat pattern. So of course I was going to buy it.
Sadly I'm going to have to scale it up, as I have a stupidly large head, but I cut the pattern out, I just need to dig out the scraps of blue fleece from the spare room.

Lightweight jersey (£4 from Minerva) with which I play to make a Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic t-shirt. To see what happens when my machine encounters a knit fabric. I suspect bad things. My machine is in desperate need of a service, I just don't want to send it away for ages.
It's been washed and doesn't seem to have shrunk too badly.
There's some dark grey as well, which I might make the first t-shirt out of to check fit (I'm wildly between sizes)
I have some gorgeous jersey with deer on, which I plan to make into a raglan shirt, but I need a plain grey to match it, which is causing issues.

I also appear to have been quilting. Or at least making blocks. I don't know why. I always said quilting was going to be the line I didn't cross.
I was messing around with scraps and this happened.
And then I cut my second Alder skirt (still awaiting an empty bobbin so I can load the right coloured thread and sew it) and this happened.
They're about the same size. They're both wonky as all hell (although the mushroom shows it worse) and I have no idea what to do with them. I could make cushion covers with them? I could make more blocks and have some kind of hideous mismatched quilt. I don't know.
There is actually a reason behind this; I fell a little bit in love with Purl Soho's Agate quilt design, but not for me, for a friend; she's always cold, and I still have a load of skull fabric leftover from her squid, so I thought I could try making her a quilt for xmas. We'll see.

And finally, fabric samples.
There're some boring grey bits of jersey for matching to deer fabric, and then there are these...
The dinosaurs and the sheep are light to mid-weight jersey, and they're awesome. I suspect I will buy some and make pyjama bottoms with them.
The two peacock designs are me having terrible brain weasels. The slightly more green one is a poplin, while the blue one is a gorgeous soft lawn. Sadly I'm not sure either of them quite have the weight I need. I want to make a chlamys for my odyssey character, to match the new blue dress I plan to make before the next event.

And this post ended up being SO MUCH LONGER than I meant. I ramble, have you noticed?


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