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Review: Love, Death + Robots (part 1)

Slightly different use of the blog this evening, I'm going to sit and watch/re-watch Netflix's "Love Death + Robots" and air my thoughts, along with trigger warnings and some ranting.

I feel like I should preface this with the fact that this should be 100% my jam... I love animation, I love sci-fi, I love slightly weird shit. Sadly, it has fallen so fucking far from expectations, I kind of feel the need to say something.

Also, there are spoilers galore here. So if you haven't watched it and you want to go into it without any information, this is not the blog post for you.

Some of these, I'm re-watching (I started watching them with a friend, but got sick of all the violence and dicks) and some of them I haven't seen before.
There are also at least 2 that I refuse to re-watch, so you're just going to have to rely on my memory.

Recent posts

Finished object: Anchor York Pinafore

I'm doing that thing where I'm ending up with a massive bloody backlog of things which need to be blogged, because I have zero energy to actually write anything bloggable!

Anyway, this is an old make, and it's not actually any part of my Finish Along nonsense, but it's the first bit of clothing I've made in about two years!

I love the whole pinafore dress thing that's been going on for a while. I have a proper corduroy pinafore dress that I bought a year or so ago that I wear to death at work, and have been looking for a pattern that would work for me that I could make for a while.
I'm still thinking about picking up the Cleo from Tilly and the Buttons, but her sizing doesn't always work for me (I'm just outside her sizes on hips and boobs) and most of the other patterns don't have the solid back style that I like.
But while I was umming and ahhing, I came across the York Pinafore from Helen's Closet, and fell in love with the pockets (pocke…

Finished object: goth dragon

I just want to hibernate. Do you have those days? I do, a lot (thanks depression). I'm upping my vitamin D intake and cranking up the sunlight lamp, but it takes a lot longer for me to get going in the mornings this time of year.
I feel like I never have enough time for anything at the moment either. I get up, I work, I go home, I do not enough crafting and then go to bed to repeat it all again the next day.
I'm slogging through a couple of commissions at the moment that aren't quite catching my attention the way that they should be. They're slow and complicated and more than my tired brain can handle in the evenings. But they're getting there.

Before I get to the good stuff, I have a wee cheeky favour to ask... if you enjoy this inane rambling, could you throw a couple of quid at my ko-fi? I had to buy a new washing machine and new glasses last month, and that kind of ate through any spare money I had, and then some. (alternatively, go have a peruse of my shop, or…

Finish along quarter 4 proposed finishes

I figured I probably ought to actually blog my list of proposed finishes; I signed up with a post it note and an instagram post, but I like having an actual list...

1. Goth Dragon
Choly Knight floppy dragon in purple and black. To be done for October MCM

2. Keyleth Dragon
Choly Knight floppy dragon to look like Keyleth from Critical Role. Xmas order.

3. Cat cushion (1/4)
FPP cat to look like customer's furball. Top pieced, currently pondering quilting.

4. Bee cushion (2/4)
FPP bee cushion as part of an xmas order

5. Dolphin cushion (3/4)
FPP dolphin cushion cover as part of an xmas order

6. Fox cushion (4/4)
FPP fox cushion cover as part of an xmas order.

7. Unicorn cushion
I just need to actually finish this fucker because it's annoying the crap out of me! I think I'm going to quilt it in pink. I'm not sure yet.

8. Maytham shawl
This is pootling along. It's starting to get big, but I think I only have one more increase to do.

9. Cardinia wrap
This is my current min…

Finished Object: Sprite's Fen Shawl

Oh boy am I glad this one is done!
For the last year, my knitting nemesis has been the Sprite's Fen shawl, designed as part of the Shawl Society season 2 by Helen Stewart.
It's a beautiful pattern, and I'm sure, in the hands of a knitter who isn't me, would be a swift and pleasant project.

But this is me we're talking about, and I am not good with lace weight yarn!

Finished Object: Sapphire Dragon

It's that time of the quarter, where I realise that I've not actually blogged half the stuff I've finished, so you get a flurry of short and grumpy posts!

Next up this quarter is the Sapphire Dragon plushie. He's not actually sapphire, but it's a thing. Don't ask!
He was a very belated birthday present for a friend, to go with the cushion cover, and he is very much loved!

This is the Water Dragon, from Choly Knight's Floppy Dragon Plush pattern, and like all their patterns, they're really well written and well designed.

Finished object: Sapphire Cushion

Shall we blog? Probably ought to.
Life is honestly not great at the moment; work is horrendous and my mental health is taking a bashing as a result. As well as the general fall down of looking after myself and my house, it means I'm not crafting as much. Especially not stuff like sewing that means I have to move from the couch to the sewing room, and focus. I'm doing a fair bit of brainless knitting, and that's about it.

But before this all went to shit, I did manage another finish on my QAL list!